The Complete 3-Step Guide to Implementing Zero Trust Access

Once derided as merely a buzzword, zero trust is now accepted as a very real cybersecurity framework that can help organizations improve both security and productivity.

But what is the best way to actually implement zero trust? This guide outlines a 3-step strategy to adopt zero-trust access (ZTA) across your organization.

Dividing your zero-trust initiative into 3 distinct stages not only makes the process less intimidating, but it will also yield meaningful results at a faster rate. 

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About Cyolo

Too many critical assets and systems remain exposed because traditional secure access solutions are not able to protect the high-risk access scenarios and legacy applications that keep modern business operations running. 

Cyolo provides the only trustless zero-trust access solution, giving organizations visibility and access control over the users who leave organizations most exposed to risk, including third-party workers, remote OT operators, and post-M&A employees and applications.

To learn more, visit https://cyolo.io.

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