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What do the high-profile breaches at Uber, Kaseya, and SolarWinds have in common?

They all demonstrated the risks posed by third-party acces and revealed just how much we don’t know about our vendors’ security posture.

At the same time, these and other attacks have exposed the tremendous extent to which modern businesses depend on other businesses. Third-party partnerships are simply too valuable to give up, so the only answer is make access less risky for third-party users

This paper explores the top challenges associated with third-party access and how they can be overcome with a zero-trust access solution that reduces risk while preserving business efficiency and productivity.

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About Cyolo

Too many critical assets and systems remain exposed because traditional secure access solutions are not able to protect the high-risk access scenarios and legacy applications that keep modern business operations running. 

Cyolo provides the only trustless zero-trust access solution, giving organizations visibility and access control over the users who leave them most exposed to risk, including third-party workers, remote OT operators, and post-M&A employees and applications.

To learn more, visit https://cyolo.io.

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