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The Future of SRA is ZTA

Find out what Zero Trust Access can do for you that Secure Remote Access can't.

Overcome Security Access Challenges

With digital transformation, the number of security threats and high-risk access points have increased significantly, making traditional remote access methods less reliable. Cyolo's Zero Trust Access Solution is here to help you lower your high-risk access points and potential damage.

Secure Your Connected OT Environment

Critical infrastructure requires a secure industrial control system for safe operations. With Cyolo, you can enjoy offline control while ensuring secure connectivity.

Manage Third-Party Access

Gain complete control over high-risk user access with our Zero Trust Access Solution. Connect only to necessary apps, without any risk of exposing the network.

Securely Connect Users to the Cloud

Securely connect high-risk users to any cloud, without the need for change management. Cyolo's Zero Trust Access Solution provides a safe and hassle-free experience for seamless cloud connectivity.

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How To Prevent Your Worst Access Nightmares? 

"Since we changed to Cyolo, we're much more agile. I get people on quicker, I can secure my platforms and my estates much easier, and I've got much more control over who can get on, who's doing what, and then we've got more visibility into what's happening." 
Jason Ozin, Group Information Security Officer, PIB Group
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Created By A CISO, For CISOs

Cyolo built the fastest and most secure Zero-Trust Access (ZTA) solution. Leveraging the expertise of its founders – a seasoned CISO and two ethical hackers – the team designed a powerfully simple access platform, capable of meeting the unique needs of any environment. With Cyolo, security and IT leaders finally have the controls they need to securely enable their business and lower the risk of the most complex access scenarios.

Ready to take the next step in secure remote access?

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