How to Make the Most of Your Next Security Audit

The cybersecurity landscape has shifted at a tectonic scale over the past few years. As we approach 2023, the world is finally settling into something resembling normalcy.

For the first time since 2019, your end-of-year audit can fully assess the vulnerabilities created by the triage-heavy pandemic years.

Between legacy applications, over-permissioned vendors, and remote workers, the results of this year's audit may be rough. But take heart. This year, your audit is not your finish line — it will serve as your baseline for moving forward. It's also the perfect opportunity to outline mid- and long-term objectives for your security program.

This is the year to right-size the technology and processes that kept your organization afloat, refocusing them into contributors to strategy, business agility, and innovation, rather than barriers to advancement. 

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How to Mitigate the Risks of Third-Party Access

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