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Solving the Challenges of Securing an Air-Gapped Environment

Air-gapped may not mean what you think it does.

While the term implies full isolation, business requirements are increasingly driving the need to connect air-gapped environments to the corporate network or to allow remote access into the critical systems.

Read this short paper to learn how Industrial Control System (ICS) and other air-gapped environments can meet modern security standards without disruption or change management.

About Cyolo

Too many critical assets and systems remain exposed because traditional secure access solutions are not able to protect the high-risk access scenarios and legacy applications that keep business operations running. 

Cyolo provides the fastest and most secure Zero Trust Network Access solution to give organizations visibility and access control over the users who leave them most exposed to risk, including remote OT operators, third-party workers, and post-M&A employees and applications.

To learn more, visit https://cyolo.io.

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