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How to Replace Your VPN with Zero Trust in 4 Easy Steps

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Replace Your VPN!

VPN usage has grown globally due to Covid-19, and many companies are realising its shortcomings. Common problems include scalability, latency, security, and a lack of agility.

Despite all this, many organizations are still afraid of the transition from VPNs to more modern solutions like Zero Trust platforms. CISOs, IT managers and CIOs fear the transition will be difficult and resource-intensive. However, replacing a VPN is a very clear and simple process. In this whitepaper, we show you how to do just that, taking you through the following four milestones:

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  • Adding a Zero Trust Connector
  • Configuring Your Identity Provider
  • Mapping Your Systems and Creating Policies
  • Switching From Your VPN to Zero Trust (OR - Running Them Side by Side)

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