Compliance is Tough. Zero Trust Can Make It Easier

Are concerns about compliance holding back your security efforts? Are you struggling to find solutions that achieve your security goals AND meet industry regulations? Do you just want tips to help make compliance simpler?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this webinar is for you!

In this on-demand session, the Cyolo team and special guest AJ Yawn, co-founder and CEO of ByteChek, discuss the top compliance challenges related to secure connectivity and access management – and how to overcome them.

Key topics include:

  • Common compliance challenges faced by a range of industries, including banking and OT
  • Overview of HIPAA, SOC 2 type 2 and ISO 27001
  • Why conventional connectivity solutions like VPNs are no longer sufficient for either security or compliance
  • The connection between compliance and zero trust access
  • Can my organization be compliant and still get breached?


About the Speakers

AJ Yawn CEO and Co-Founder, ByteChek
Eran Shmuely Co-Founder and Chief Architect, Cyolo
Stephen Wadsworth VP Sales, Cyolo
Yoni Harris Product Manager, Cyolo


AJ Yawn is Co-Founder and CEO at ByteChek and a Founding Board Member of the National Association of Black Compliance and Risk Management Professionals (NABCRMP). AJ has earned 6 AWS certifications including the AWS Solutions Architect-Professional and AWS Security-Specialty. Prior to ByteChek, AJ spent over a decade in the cybersecurity industry both in the US Army and as a consultant. He is a regular speaker at SANS Cloud Security curriculum events such as BIPOC in Cloud Forum and CloudSecNext Summit, and can be found teaching SEC557: Continuous Automation for Enterprise and Cloud Compliance at the SANS Institute. 

Eran Shmuely is the Chief Architect and Co-Founder of Cyolo, the Zero Trust Access platform. Prior to Cyolo, Eran was the Senior Security Engineer at Salesforce. Before Salesforce, Eran worked at GE Digital as the Open-Source Security Research Leader. 

Stephen Wadsworth is Cyolo's VP of Sales for US/West. Stephen has a decade of experience building sales and go-to-market for cyber security start ups. Before joining Cyolo, Stephen built and led the initial sales team at Banyan Security, more than tripling their recurring revenue. Prior to this, he led the sales team at Luminate and was a sales leader at Threat Stack Inc.

Yoni Harris is the Product Manger at Cyolo. He is responsible for leading the product roadmap all the way to driving secure access globally. He previously led SaaS/API products, where he successfully merged his entrepreneurial company in the omni-channel and cloud data management segment.

About the Webinar

As networks continue to increase in complexity and risk, more companies are adopting the Zero Trust model. However, implementing Zero Trust is a journey and knowing where to start can be challenging.In this webinar, we show you how to prioritize the stages of your Zero Trust journey - by identifying and securing your biggest risks first and gaining maximum value in the shortest timeframe. Watch it and learn how to:

  • Mitigate the risk that comes from the excessive access rights required for third-party contractors, vendors and partners
  • Enable your developers to preserve their existing working environments while protecting your ‘crown jewels’ with source code protection
  • Secure OT environments, which are experiencing increased risk due to today's inevitable transition to remote working
  • Enable employees to work from home securely and productively
  • Ensure continuous verification and monitoring before and after access is granted into the system
  • Prevent lateral movement within the network