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Industrial Secure Remote Access (I-SRA): Myths, Facts, Trends and More

Industrial systems are complex and specialized, and most industrial enterprises cannot operate without daily assistance from remote workers and third-party technicians, operators, and contractors.

In the not-so-distant past, numerous operational tasks were completed by visiting customer sites. Today, remote access to the Operational Technology (OT) environment is the preferred method, and many asset owners and operators rely on Industrial Secure Remote Access (I-SRA) solutions to safely enable these connections; however, significant gaps remain.

TP Research recently conducted a survey of OT cybersecurity professionals, delving into I-SRA and uncovering some surprising trends. In this webinar, we will take a sneak peek at the survey results as we examine the state of I-SRA and the security journey ahead.

Conversation topics will include:

  • What the I-SRA maturity model looks like and how to plot your course
  • Airgaps and network segmentation as a security solution – myth or fact?
  • The people, processes and technology associated with I-SRA

Join Jonathan Gordon, Industry Analyst and Strategic Advisor for TP Research, and Kevin Kumpf, Chief OT Strategist for Cyolo, to discuss the survey findings and, even more importantly, how the industry at large is using I-SRA to safely enable OT/ICS connectivity.

Watch On-Demand

Watch On-Demand