On-Demand Webinar

The Need for the Next Generation of ZTNA


In this on-demand webinar, Almog Apirion, CEO of Cyolo, and Product Manager Yoni Harris discuss the next generation of ZTNA and how it will help security and IT teams overcome key challenges.

Learn about the biggest flaws with current ZTNA providers - and why it's time to upgrade to the next generation of ZTNA.

Topics covered in the conversation include?

  • Why ZTNA?
  • A typical ZTNA architecture
  • The flaws with current ZTNA Providers
  • ZTNA 2.0
  • Securing the 'Human Factor'
  • Benefits of ZTNA 2.0
  • Beyond ZTNA 2.0: Full Stack ZT Connectivity


About the Presenters

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PRESENTER Almog Apirion CEO & Co-Founder, Cyolo

Almog is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cyolo, the Zero Trust Access platform.

As a former CISO at Orbotech and Head of Cyber Security Unit of the Israeli Navy, he was driven to build a secure access solution that would answer the pain points that he dealt with on a daily basis for over a decade.

PRESENTER Yoni Harris Product Manager, Cyolo

Yoni Harris is the Product Manager of Cyolo. He formally led SaaS/API products, where he successfully merged his entrepreneurial company in the omni-channel and cloud data management segment.