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Zero-Trust is the Outcome of Identity-Based Access Control

Zero-trust entered the security lexicon with a bang. Once derided as merely a buzzword, zero-trust is now the de-facto method to deal with the overwhelming number of human-centric threats and device vulnerabilities brought to the fore by digital transformation.

But what is the pivot point on which zero-trust turns? 

This paper reveals why identity-based access is foundational to the zero trust framework. Ultimately, it is user and device identities that provide the validation layer needed to secure the always-on, anywhere access that today's organizations demand.

Read the full paper to learn:

  • What is zero-trust and what role does it play in digital transformation?
  • How to overcome the common challenges that arise during the zero-trust journey
  • What identity must-haves to include on your zero-trust deployment checklist
  • How to make digital transformation work for you
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